Here’s a roundup of some diet, nutrition, and fitness articles I’ve found this week that I thought were helpful & interesting.  Enjoy!

We know that obesity leads to sleep issues, health problems and disease, but have you ever thought about the monetary price of being overweight?  Click Here for an article from Fitbie discusses just that.

From Jeff Galloway and Runner’s World – Click Here for Running Workouts that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Need advice on ab exercises to help get rid of that muffintop?  Click Here for exercises from some of the Fitbie trainers.  I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Burpees, Rollouts (you can also use a handled wheel if your gym has one), Planks Desiree demonstrates those here, Bicycles, and Side Planks (although, I would do them with straight legs).  Some of these moves are a bit advanced, so if you have questions about how to do them, ask!

Curious about whether to cut carbs from your diet?  Click Here for an article from Shine on 6 Carbs to Add To Your Diet.

And this is a fun one from Shine – and just in time for the holidays!  Click Here for Cocktail Recipes that Won’t Kill Your Diet!



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