Just in time for the holidays, here are some fitness tips and healthy Christmas & Hanukkah recipes.  Enjoy!

This is pretty cool – want to see what type of exercise you’ll have to do to burn off some of those holiday treats?

Think Fitness Studios gives us treats, and demos exercises to work off the extra calories.

USA Today provides a list of some holiday favorites and suggests types of exercises to help counter them.

And Shine gives us some ways to sneak exercise into our holiday activities.

Looking for good, healthy Christmas & Hanukkah recipes?  Look no further…

Eating Well gives us recipes as well as full menus for healthy Christmas meals.

Need new ideas for a yummy, healthy Christmas brunch?  Check out Delish for Christmas Brunch Recipes.

The Dallas News gives us a healthy twist on some Hanukkah favorites with these recipes.

And find healthy Christmas & Hanukkah treats here from My Healthy OC.


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