Click on the image above to view the video demonstration for the Burpee, Row, Pushup & Shoulder Press Combo

I LOVE an exercise that gives me a full upper body workout, core benefits & even cardio – all in one exercise.  And this exercise certainly fits the bill.  The combination of a row, pushup, shoulder press & burpee provide a true circuit busting exercise!

And don’t let it’s alternate name fool you – this exercise is sometimes called a “man maker”, but as you can see here it’s appropriate for anyone who wants a great upper body strength exercise.

Check out our video demonstration to view proper form & technique.

TRAINER’S TIP:  Choose a lighter weight than you would normally choose for a either a bent-over row or a shoulder press for this exercise.  Because the exercise combines so many elements, you’ll work harder even without the heavy weights.


Disclaimer:  All exercise recommendations and videos on this site are for your information only and are not to be used in placed of working with a professional.  Be smart.  If you need help, ask for it.  Get approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen and make sure to use caution when doing any type of exercise.


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