Click on the image above to view proper form for the Kettlebell Swing.

Our Circuit Busters series focuses on giving you exercises to add to your normal routine to take it up a notch.

Today, we’ll show you how to get that booty in gear by adding the Kettlebell Swing to your workout.   The Kettlebell Swing is a great exercise for glutes & quads and also offers benefits for core & upper body.

Form is imperative when doing this exercise to avoid injury to your lower back.  Focus on squatting down to pick up the Kettlebell.  Keep the chest up & shoulders back.  Drive up through the heels and pop the hips forward.

The legs drive this exericse and provide the momentum for the swing.  Power up through those legs and focus on popping the hips forward in order to do the exercise correctly.

See results in your lower body strength, tone & firm up those legs & buns by adding the Kettlebell Swing into your workout routine.


Disclaimer:  All exercise recommendations and videos on this site are for your information only and are not to be used in placed of working with a professional.  Be smart.  If you need help, ask for it.  Get approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen and make sure to use caution when doing any type of exercise.


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