Click on the Image to view the video Strengthen & Stretch: Back Series

We often hear clients complain about lower back pain.  We created this video specifically to help alleviate & prevent that problem.

During this video, we take you through 3 exercises that when done together will provide a basic back series that you can do each day in just a couple of minutes to help alleviate back pain.  We begin with spinal balance exercises, move through a cat & cow series, and end with extended child’s pose.  These three stretches bring strength & mobility into the back and also help to loosen the hips, neck and shoulders.

Going through the stretches in this video, in combination with our 3 minute desk stretch video, should help you improve back pain caused by sitting and working at a desk for prolonged periods of time.


Disclaimer:  All exercise recommendations and videos on this site are for your information only and are not to be used in placed of working with a professional.  Be smart.  If you need help, ask for it.  Get approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen and make sure to use caution when doing any type of exercise.



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