The Mayo Clinic lays out eight simple dietary changes that are instrumental in preventing heart disease. Challenge yourself during the month of February, Heart Health Month, to make these changes for yourself and for your heart!

Eight Simple Rules:

  1. Control your portion size
  2. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
  3. Select Whole Grains
  4. Limit Unhealthy Fats and Cholesterol
  5. Choose Low Fat Protein Sources
  6. Reduce the Sodium in Your Food
  7. Plan Ahead: Create daily Menus
  8. Allow Yourself an Occasional Treat

Are you overwhelmed by all the options presented at the grocery store? What you put in your buggy is what you put in your belly–so make wise choices:  One egg yolk contains all the cholesterol you need for the day, so switch out your yolks for just the whites! Select fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, low fat or fat free dairy products, whole grains and lean meats!

To learn how to clean up your grocery cart visit the American Heart Association website. 




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