Testimonials: Our clients say it best!

We opened our on-site fitness center back in October 2010, and Excellence in Exercise was brought in to manage and operate the facility for us.  From day one, the fitness center has been an enormous success with our employees.  That is largely, if not completely, thanks to the expertise and professionalism that Kristian Jones, Dorie Downs, and their team have brought with them.  Throughout the last year and a half, through extensive and creative programming along with a welcoming staff, employee usage of the facility has more than doubled and continues to grow.  In addition to access to workout individually, our employees have access to personal workout sessions with the skilled trainers, in addition to a variety of group workout classes throughout the business day – morning, noon and evening.  Both the training and group classes have increased steadily in participation, which speaks volumes to the ability of the team to attract and motivate our employees to make healthy lifestyle  decisions.  Throughout the calendar year, they sponsor creative programming, such as “Maintain, Don’t Gain”, encouraging employees to avoid overeating through the holiday season, as well as a “March Madness” bracket style competition, where teams compete against one another by accruing points through various fitness related activities.  The success of the Fitness Center has increased employee engagement overall and promotes a healthier workforce.  We are excited about our partnership with Excellence in Exercise, and look forward to continued success for years to come.

Colin vanAntwerp – Cbeyond Benefits Program Manager

Excellence in Exercise has been nothing short of….well, excellent!  In fact, I would say it is outstanding.  Their approach to fitness is ‘whole body’ centered in that you will not only feel better, yet move better and look better as a result.  Each workout is tailored to your specific fitness level and goals and no two workouts are ever the same, which keeps workouts interesting and fun.  New techniques and equipment are often added into training regimes to stay current with the latest physiological research and the overall training environment is both engaging and supportive.  If you are looking for a trainer and a fitness ‘home’, look no further.

Melissa – client for 5 years

My fitness level has dramatically changed because of Kristian Jones. Not only do I feel fitter than I ever have but I have more confidence when I work out because of him. As a college athlete, I am challenged with every single work out I do at the University of Alabama; and when I go home during breaks for the summer, Kristian’s workouts compete or exceed the level of the workouts I do at school. Not only does he push my fitness, but he pushes me as a person. He is so passionate when he works my sister and I out, and is genuinely concerned with our wellbeing. He truly is amazing!

KK – client for 2 years

Dorie Downs has trained me for almost four years and completely changed my life.  She has trained me throughout two pregnancies, and I was in better shape and healthier after each pregnancy than I was before.  I completely believe that her training was the reason I had no back pain, a high energy level and easy deliveries.  Her vast knowledge of the body and its abilities shows in the varied workouts that she develops for me each week.  She truly listens to my concerns and develops an action plan for my best health. I have never been an athlete but after training with Dorie, I feel like my body can accomplish anything.  My time spent with her is some of the most productive and informed hours of my week.  Dorie is an amazing professional with a warm and persevering attitude that makes my workouts so enjoyable, even when I know I will be sore the next day.  Working out with Dorie is the best possible investment I could make in myself.  

Christie – client for 4 years

I have been training with the Excellence in Exercise team for a little over 5 years.  Kristian pushes me as hard as I can go every time we workout but never beyond my limits.  I have worked with a number of other trainers in my life, and Kristian is by far the most knowledgeable about how to train the human body.  On the rare instances he is unavailable for a training session, JC and or Dorie are a seamless substitute.  I could not recommend the team more.

Lee – client for 5 years

Kristian might as well be a miracle worker. Kristian has given me nothing short of a miracle in the form of results in the gym.  Kristian’s exceptional knowledge level combined with his ubiquitously adored personality, provides the most productive, yet enjoyable hour of my day.  Prior to working with Kristian, I allowed an old shoulder injury to prevent me from working out. I was unable to do a single pull up on my own. A short time later under Kristian’s guidance my shoulders are stronger than ever and I’m doing more pulls ups & other upper body exercises than ever before.

Rob – client for 9 months

Kristian’s informed approach, combined with his practical experience in sports provides an optimal combination of instruction, leadership and discipline for obtaining results for his clients.

Rob – client for 9 months

Kristian’s academic and practical background is evident in our workouts, as my specific needs are addressed in each workout. My results speak volumes of Kristian’s training ability.  The transformation that has occurred for me over the last several months, as a result of working with Kristian Jones has given me a new outlook on my physical capabilities Kristian has a unique ability to cater each workout to my needs, adjusting each workout to produce optimal results for me.

Rob – client for 9 months

I have been an athlete all of my life.  Training with Dorie Downs a few hours a week helps me to feel like “the me”, prior to life’s many other commitments.  The health benefits that I receive and good example that I set for my kids are enormous, but the added endorphins are a benefit to all who come into contact with me.

Julie S. – client for 10 years

JC has been my personal trainer for many years now.  He has been instrumental in helping me stay fit and healthy.  JC assesses your physical ability and challenges you from there.  When I first started, I wasn’t able to do a push-up.  I laughed and thought I could never accomplish it, but JC persisted and so did I.   Along with his great personality, I have confidence in his knowledge about exercise and the body.  These are the reasons I continue to train with him.  On a personal note, I love JC.  I have fun when I train with him, and I am someone who is not crazy about exercising.  I look forward to my workouts on Monday!

Pam – client for 7 years





I have been working with Jason for the past six months training with him two to three times a week. He has been an excellent guide teaching me the proper way to exercise in order to reach my fitness goals.

I have made significant gains in overall strength and cardiovascular fitness while working with Jason.  I would certainly recommend him as a trainer for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness – no matter your starting point.

Zack – client for 6 months

Jason has a positive attitude and he has helped me to push myself harder and workout with more intensity than I ever have previously. However, the best part is that I feel I have learned the proper way to exercise efficiently while working with Jason. And so as a result, I feel confident now when I am working out by myself that I am doing the proper exercises to get the most out of each and every workout session.

Zach – client for 6 months

Jason with Excellence in Exercise is an amazing trainer.  I’ve been working with him for several months now and I’ve seen great results—reduction of body fat by 3% and lost inches in my hips, waist and

thighs!  Jason does a great job of making sure I’m working just outside of my comfort zone, never pushing for over-the-top exhaustion, but making sure I’m working well above what I think I can handle.

Heather – client for 3 months

Jason has been a complete pleasure to work with.  He has helped me increase my strength and endurance with a program designed specifically to not only meet my personal goals, but one that is 100% personalized. After 4 months of one-on-one sessions with Jason my husband and I now both train

with him and are reaping the benefits.  Our sessions with Jason are some of the best parts of our work week!

Amy – client for 4 months